Marital Bliss, Part 2

Boy, can my wife cook! So far this week we’ve had leftover Thai food, ham sandwiches, pizza, leftover wedding food, chili, and leftover chili. Had I known dinnertime would be this sweet after getting married, I would have said yes when she asked me in college.

Just kidding. Not about what we had for dinner. That’s really what we had, but the chili was very good. Not so much the first time, but more so the second time. The trick was to add meat and beans.

My wonderful in-laws came for the chili the second night…they must have heard how good it was the first night. We were happy to have them, and of course they are always welcome to hang out in our tiny-ass apartment whenver they wish.

Countdown to Mexico: 15 Days.

Mexican song of the day: Beer in Mexico by Kenny Chesney.



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4 responses to “Marital Bliss, Part 2

  1. Peter

    I just came home from a hard day of work, and had some of this leftover chili for myself, tasty. It went very well with the premier of Lost Season 3, which I watched with dinner, and enjoyed throughly along with the chili.

  2. Peter

    p.s. i attribute the quality of the chili to the fine cookware it was prepared in 😉

  3. Marcie

    You “throughly” enjoyed it, Pete? I’m glad you liked it! It was a lot of work, but cooking in that cookware you and Randi gave us was a dream; I really love it!!!

  4. Randi

    Damn straight we’re wonderful! It was a lot of fun coming over the other night aside from sitting while you discussed important grown-up things. 😛 That oreo cake thing you made was killer, John! And of course Marcie did a fantastic job with the chili. Mmm, mmm! Where did you get the pot she cooked it in? It’s really nice and festive to go along with spicy Mexican foods! Is chili even Mexican? I’m rambling… I’ll stop now…

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