Attention all passengers

“Attention all passengers: Please fasten your safety belts at this time. We will begin our ascent in just a few moments. Our flight time will be 4 hours and 17 minutes, touching down in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at 2:44 pm local time. Upon disembarking from the plane, all passengers will receive an oversized frozen margarita, which must be consumed immediately. Then you will receive two more oversized margaritas and two shots of tequila. These must be consumed before leaving the terminal. Margaritas will also be provided outside of the terminal, in all taxis, at your hotels, in the pools, at the beaches, restaraunts, stores, libraries, and restrooms.  Enjoy your flight, and thank you for flying with Margarita Air.”

We’re just abour ready for our honeymoon. We’re getting picked up at 3:45am from Casa de Tullio for our 6:30 flight. But it’ll all be worth it once we get to our beachfront hotel and have drinks in our hands (that’s two drinks each, one for each of our hands). Needless to say there won’t be many updates or pics posted in the next few weeks, but I’ll put plenty up of our trip once we get back. I also have some pretty sweet wedding videos to post, so I’ll get those up too.

Adios muchachos!!!!


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