Honeymoon’s over….

We’re back from our honeymoon.  After 12 full days in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, we were ready to come home.  We had a great time!  The first week we spent at a hotel called Sol Mar, which was very nice.  It’s located on the Pacific side of the Baja peninsula and the water on the beach is rough, so you’re not allowed to swim in it.  So we spent most of the time sitting by the pool during happy hour, which is from 3-5.   2 for 1 drinks, or as they say in Mexico, uno por dos, or in our case dos por cuatro.  The beer of choice was Pacifico or Dos XX, which is only a half a step up from Corona, but better than Sol.  But when it’s 2 for 1, it only has to be half as good.  We survived Hurricaine Paul, which turned out to just be a little rain and wind.

The second week we spent at Club Cascadas,  which was a complete change of pace from Sol Mar.  It’s located on Medano beach, which is on the gulf side of the peninsula, so you can swim in the ocean.  This part of Cabo is closer to the center of town and is where more of the touristy things are.  We spent most of the week sitting under little grass huts, called palapas, taking advantage of happy hour, which is all day.  Cuatro por dos all day is a good way to get a buzz, and our waiters on the beach took care of us pretty good.

We went out for breakfast lunch and dinner just about every day and had a lot of good Mexican food.  Those guys eat chips and salsa with every meal.  We’ve had our fill of Mexican food for a while, but it was good while it lasted.

So that’s the quick recap of our trip.   I’ll be posting some pics soon, and maybe video too, so check back.


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