• I heard a funny word today…mouseballs. Did you know most mice these days don’t have balls? They are optical, and many of them, like mine, are wireless.
  • Excerpt from a conversation with an old friend about the geek joke below:

MightyWingman616: marcie didn’t get it
MightyWingman616: and i wouldn’t explain it
Stork84: haha
Stork84: that could take a long time to explain
MightyWingman616: yeah
Stork84: have to go back to the history of number systems
MightyWingman616: i might have tried if i only had 8 fingers, but since i have 10, i didn’t bother
MightyWingman616: or else i would have to cut off two of her fingers
Stork84: that seems more fair since shes the one who didnt get it
Stork84: she should just be happy its not a joke about binary

(Please don’t sue me for not getting express-written permission to reprint this conversation)

  • Time for a new game called “What are we counting

Marcie: 11

John: 3

What are we counting?


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  1. eric

    number of shower products in the shower

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