We have a winner!

OK, so there was only one guess, but I’m scared at how easily you guess that, Eric.  I guess it takes a recently married man to notice these things.  For guessing correctly, you win this wireless extension cord!  Just plug one end into a standard wall outlet and take the other end with you to wherever you need power!  Careful, don’t let Rachel walk between the the base and satellite units.



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2 responses to “We have a winner!

  1. eric

    after recent inspection of our shower ive found similar results.

    Rachel: 13

    Eric: 3

    this kind of over-run needs to be stopped. maybe i should start leaving useless items in the shower too.

  2. John

    My sister is the current scoreboard leader with 21 items. (Mind you this is shower only – medicine cabinet, counters, and bathroom shelving not included)

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