I have a feeling everything will Bea alright

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bea! We had an awesome time at your wedding. The patio was beautiful, if not a little chilli, but that’s ok. In New England we call that crisp. The reception was a lot of fun too. By some mistake, Paul and Meg accidentally seated us in the back corner where nobody could really see us and enjoy our antics. Hmm…strange. Oh well, we enjoyed ourselves. We also took it upon ourselves to make sure that Paul and Meg got their money’s worth out of the open bar during the cocktail hour. I haven’t talleyed up the total number of drinks we got within the last 10 minutes of the hour, but I’m guessing it’s somewhere in the range of 20-30. I’ll have to check the instant replay on that.

Raise your hand if you won a sweet centerpiece. Check and check.

I think we all had a good time dancing…even Tom. I know I have some videos of the dancing I’ll post, and I’m sure others too. If you want to post them on YouTube or whatever, I’ll link to them. I also have a bunch of pics that I’ll be posting.

But the icing on the cake was (well…besides the actual icing on the actual cake) definately the after party at the bar, which, as it turns out, is only about 1/2 mile from where we spent the night. Strange, cause it took us about 45 minutes to get there and we saw half the Maine coastline on the way. But we got there on time to get the remnants of the snacks and have a few drinks before karaoke started.

And that’s when it all went downhill. Or uphill, depending on how many beers you had as we progressed. I’d make a list of all the songs we sang, but I lost track after Dan’s 14th appearance on stage, prompting his second album, She’s a 10-Cow Woman, (the follow up to his debut album, Why Are My Pants Wet?) to go double platinum. I do know, however, that there was an appearance by the missing member of Oasis, Kevin McGallagher that is not to be overlooked at this years Grammy’s. (See Videos page) I also got some pretty priceless pics at the bar that I’ll post soon.

Jay Brown, please click here.

Finally, it was nice to see Andy Boyd, and we’re looking forward to your wedding. Hopefully most of us will be able to make it to Or’gen.

And finally finally, thanks to Krista for arranging the sleeping quarters for us. That was a pretty sweet house, and I learned to play the Titanic theme song on the piano. We should consider another rental this winter for some skiing…but only if they have a keyboard, or a lazy susan.


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