Gobble gobble

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. When the pilgrims and indians had the first Thanksgiving, who do you think brought the beer? My guess is the pilgrims, but then I think they traded the bottle opener for Manhattan, so the indians brought it the next year because their beer had pull-tabs. Then the cowboys and indians had a football game, and the indians won, but the cowboys didn’t have a trophy to give them (they forgot it in Manahttan because they were hungover and running late because the cowgirls took forever to get ready). So three of the cownboy fans who were tailgating with the pilgrims emptied their pot of chili into an empty turkey carcass (creating the very first stuffing), and the cowboys presented the vessel to the indians as a sign of their respect that the indians won the football game. And that’s why it was called the first superbowl.


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