Red Sox 7, Yankees 6

Yes, today was a good day.

A brief recap of the game:  After 1 beer, the score was 2-0, Yankees, courtesy of an A-Rod homer.  After 1 1/2 beers and 2 slices of pizza, the score was 2-2 after a V-Tek homer.  After 2 beers, same score.  After 3 beers, I found my beloved Red Sox down 3 runs, 5-2, again courtesy of an A-Rod home run.  3 beers: things got worse and the Yanks lead by 4 runs now: 6-2.  But I was not done drinking yet.  Bottom of the 8th…Red Sox, with determination in their eyes, rally for 5 runs off of # 42 Jackie Robinson Mariano Rivera……ohhhhhh boy!!!!  V-Tek flexes his muscles again, and Coco gets the job done, placing the old pigskin squarely in the right field corner to get things going, followed up by the young Red Sock, Alex Cora to finish them off.  And I’m thinking to myself…Super Bon Bon! Super Bon Bon!  But we never even saw the Celtics green of his Majestic jersey, for the thunder from down under, Hideki Okajima, closed this one out for the win.  Maybe tomorrow.

Things that will not be remembered:

  • A-Rod’s first homerun for 2
  • A-Rod’s second home run for 3 more

Things that will be remembered:

  • A-Rod’s blooper to Cora for the second out of the 9th, with man on base
  • Coco Crisp, which is simply Rice Krispies, marshmellows, butter, and cocoapowder

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One response to “Red Sox 7, Yankees 6

  1. Kim

    And Saturday it just got better. We enjoyed another Red Sox victory over the Yankees at a little place called Thornton’s! Maybe you’ve heard of it? Once again the Red Sox battle on & we remain in first place. I can’t wait to see what Dice- K does tonight!

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