I’m still here

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m still alive and well.  I’m sure you were all getting worried.

The reason I haven’t written in a while is because we have a little superstition in Boston between April and October, and that is that if the Red Sox are doing good, DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING.  Don’t change anything!!!  So I haven’t been able to write anything…I didn’t want to change my routine of not writing.

I may be jinxing them just by writing this…I’m taking a real chance here.

But since I’ve already started, I might as well tell you that the house is a go…the contract has been signed.  We’ll be closing on June 25th, and hope to be moved in by June 30th.   So a 4th of July party might be cutting it close, but maybe later in July we’ll have a housewarming bash for anybody that can make it to CT.


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  1. What the heck John, you start writting in your blog, and the Red Sox start losing. They have lost 3 straight. My advice to you, “Leave the blog alone until OCTOBER!!!!!

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