Is increasing cost overlooked because it’s too obvious?

From Brad Bird, writer of Ratatouille and The Incredibles (taken from here):

“I hope that [the theatrical experience] doesn’t go away. I think that in our quest for 24 hour accessibility of everything under the sun, we diminish the value of certain experiences. And I liked the fact that movies use to have lines. And that it use to be hard to get into a movie. And if you saw it in it’s first week of release, you saw it on a giant screen or in ornate palace, and it was a show. Now we have made it so that on opening day you can see a film on a big screen, or on a crappy screen, or a screen that is a bootleg on your computer [inches] big. To me it’s diminishing the show experience.”

The rest of the article says pretty much the same thing, only with more words. They claim that the reason people aren’t lining up to go to the movies like they used to is because of our “quest for 24 hour accessibility of everything under the sun.” I think it’s something different. I think that the reason people don’t go to the movies as much is because they are SO DAMN EXPENSIVE. It costs me almost $10 for the ticket alone to go to a Saturday night movie. Add in another ticket for my better half and say goodbye to President Jackson. And what’s the point of going out for a movie if you’re not gonna get popcorn and a drink…another $10-15 easy. Now I’ve spent $35 to go to a 2 hour movie, where I can rent a movie for $1 at pretty much any local grocery store (courtesy of Red Box). Throw in a bag of microwave popcorn and a bottle of coke and I still save $30. Is it worth an additional $30 to get that movie-going experience? I’d like to say yes, but my mortgage company thinks otherwise.

This is, in part, the same reason that CD’s don’t sell like thy used to. Remember when ALL CDs were $10.99 or less at Lechmere? Now I walk into even a Best Buy and unless I hit the jackpot, the CD I want is at least $17. Why would I bother when I can download it from iTunes for $9.99. For the album art? Gimme a break, it’s nice but not worth a 70% price hike.

The media companies are pricing themselves right out of the game, then blame it on “our quest for 24 hour accessibility of everything under the sun.” Jackholes.

And a few side notes…Do you know why nobody was on line for Star Wars Episode III? Because Episodes I and II sucked. These two idiots Brad Bird and Peter Sciretta (I shouldn’t say that…I love every Pixar movie ever made, and The Incredibles is one of my favorites) are probably the only two people on earth who want to wait on line to get a movie ticket. I understand the whole “experience of it” thing, and I’ll let those who want it have it, but c’mon. You’re arguing that I should pay an additional $30 to get it. You’re arguing that I should pay an additional $30 to get it? Now I’ve heard everything.


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