This brings back a lot of memories

First of all: if you’re not reading my blog, you should be. I’m scouring the internet (ok, so I’m just parroting what I read on other blogs) searching for the most unbelievably ridiculously awesome of the awesomest. And I found it. If you haven’t found it yet, go to immediately. It allows you to create playlist using seeqpod and skreemr to gather songs from the internet and compile them into one mixtape, then share it on facebook (netvibes or blogger too, but facebook is where it’s at like Beck). Going back to my highschool years and early college years, before napster and ipods, mix tapes were the coolest. Now it’s a little harder to share your music…sure, you can tell people who you like and stuff like that, but mix tapes took time to make. They showed you put a little thought and effort into it. I really like this thing.

Check it out, and let me know if you make any mixes.


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