Switching to Mac, pt 2

Another week, and I’ve notice some more things about the Mac that I really like…things I had anticipated, but wasn’t really too excited about because I already had the equivalent on my PC….or so I thought.  A few examples:  

  • Spotlight:  A basic desktop search.  No big deal…I was using google desktop search on my PC.  Plus windows has it’s own indexer, which I never used but was always running and slowing down my machine.  The nice thing about spotlight is that I never know it’s there until I need to find something, which I am doing a lot since I have no idea where things go when I download (I know they go to the downloads folder, but not all the applications I install show up in the applications list).  So far, spotlight has been 100% in quickly finding things for me.  
  • Dashboard:  I was using yahoo widgets on me desktop, and was pretty happy with it for a while.  Then it seemed to be using more ram than I was willing to part with for a calendar, weather, and desktop clock.  Again, I never know that dashboard is running until I want to use it, then it’s at the tap of a button.  Yahoo widgets supposedly did this too, by pushing F8, but there was always a 3-4 second lag between pushing it and the widgets appearing.  Not really that smooth.  
What’s nice about spotlight and dashboard are how nicely they are integrated into the desktop…they’re always right there, but never noticeably.  They are really smooth and nice to use.  
I think that Leopard definitely has windows beat here, but Linux has Leopard beat in some of the other desktop “niceties” for lack of a better word.  Check out Compiz Fusion.  I haven’t found Spaces to be of any use, but when I was using linux, having multiple desktops going and switching between them was a lot easier than using Space.  I also liked the broad range of eye candy that Compiz has to offer…some just for show, but some useful.  Even so, it didn’t quite feel as nice as OSX does, but I can’t really place why.
Still having internet problems…I’ll have to get to the bottom of this.

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