New digital camera

Hey all…planning on getting a new digital camera for our trip to the Caribbean islands in July.  Mine is about 5 years old (a graduation present from pa dukes) and is really slow and finicky.  It’s a canon, and it’s been great so I’m planning on getting another canon, and as much as I’d like a pro-sumer camera like one of the digital rebels, I need a pocket camera.  Thinking of the SD1000.  Anybody have any suggestions or recommendations?  


Back to power washing the deck…..another beer should help out  


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  1. Peter

    that’s the camera i have and one we bought for our dad. at the time i did my research (bout 6-7 months ago) it was by far and away best in class. not sure if there’s anything else now, but it’s still a solid camera.

    what they don’t tell you is that the image sensor is a bit small for 7mp, but i haven’t had any problems (i avoid the flash as much as possible). i’ve gotten some blurry photos sometimes, but i’ve been able to work around it. the size can’t be beaten for sure. here’s some examples:

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