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Macbook me

Somebody please buy me a new macbook for my birthday.  I’m turning 29.  Please….you can all chip in if you want to.  It doesn’t even have to be a pro (although that would be preferable).

Not sure I understand this aluminum thing though…yeah, machining something out of a solid block of aluminum produces, theoretically, a more solid, robust part with a better finish.  But not really…and it can just as easily be machined from a cast part for about 1/10th the cost.  (I could make a pretty sturdy house out of a giant block of aluminum too, but it would run me about 14 trillion dollars.)   13 machining processes for one part is a ton of waste from a manufacturing point of view. Not sure how they’re convincing the accounting department to pay for this (yes I do…it’s why the macbook is $1299 instead of $1099) , and I don’t know why they’re boasting about this…I think the folks at Toyota would be fired for even thinking about suggesting this.  But on the other hand, if they are keeping the cost about the same, or only slightly higher, for a much better product I guess it’s reasonable.  And I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look awesome.  Check out the video if you haven’t already.



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“Does this laptop make me look fat?”

Disclaimer: I cannot take credit for the title…I read it somewhere down in the comments of some blog, but don’t know where…

About a year ago I wrote a bit about the (then) new iPhone. Not a gleaming bit, but I was disappointed. A year later, after playing with one and seeing how it’s developing, I’ve changed my mind somewhat. Unfortunately, it’s still completely out of my price range for a telephone and I really don’t have any use for one (which is another way of saying I’ve spent a year trying to justify buying myself one, but have come up blank). So, this weekend I become a Verizon customer instead of Sprint (or AT&T).

I’m a little more than confused by what I’ve been reading regarding Apple’s latest announcements made at this weeks Macworld Expo, those being a new ultra-thin laptop, upgrades to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and AppleTV, movie rentals through iTunes, etc, etc. What bugs me most is these fools who are complaining that they have to pay $20 to add some features to their iPod Touches while the same upgrades to the iPhone are free. From what I gather, this is do to the fact that the iPhone is a subscription service while the iPod Touch is not, so the accounting department had a hand in this decision. But where the heck do these complainers get off criticizing a company for CHARGING for a product? They’re getting 5 new programs, and they think they should get them for free! Like they’re entitled to unlimited free software just because they’re the elite early adopters! Give me a break…this is a business you idiots, not the freaking Salvation Army! Like they should be able to walk into the Apple store and take whatever they want off the shelves, just because they own an Apple computer. Fools!

Second…the analysts are also idiots, saying that the announcements didn’t meet expectations. Maybe the new products aren’t the problem. Maybe all the worthless websites and blogs that spent the last 8 months hyping what Apple would be talking about this week are the problem. Maybe the “experts” who are bitching and moaning because Apple didn’t give them exactly what THEY wanted are the problem. If they’d take a step back and look at what Apple did release, they might be pleasantly surprised. The new MacBook Air (not to get off topic, but who named this thing? I get what they’re going for, but it doesn’t quite seem to fit, does it? ) is awesome. It’s ridiculously awesome. Granted, compared to a desktop or a MacBook Pro, it’s the little brother, but compared to other ultra-slims on the market, it’s the king of the playground. It’s what everybody else will be trying to imitate…par for the course, I suppose. It isn’t the top dog in every category (see hard drive space, processor speed), but as a whole it’s superior. Why don’t the “experts” pick up on this, instead of complaining about the iPhone v2.0 that they didn’t get? This is an awesome product and will set the bar for everyone else making ultra-slims, and probably the laptop industry altogether. You can’t look at this without saying “Wow.”

The biggest news, I think, is the update of AppleTV. I said this last January…this is something to watch (no pun intended). With the release of rentals and the elimination of the computer (as a required element to watch downloaded content on a TV), Apple is taking on the big guns -Netflix, Blockbuster, heck even cable providers – in the movie rental space. They’re not just a computer company anymore. Nor are they a computer company that also makes iPods, nor a company that makes computers, iPods, and sell music. Apple is now, effectively, a full media company…music, television, movies, hardware, software, firmware, upware, downware, evening wear, and clean underwear to boot! They’re not just a small component of you personal entertainment system, they are the whole damn thing, soup to nuts. They’re just getting the ball rolling on this, and I’d say that within 2-3 years they’ll be pretty good at it too. But apparently the media doesn’t get it yet. The media distribution model is changing (getting an additional boost by the writer’s strike, thank you very much) from “we tell you what to watch and when and this is how much it will cost….and you have to buy all 300 of these channels, even though you only want 4 of them” to “No thanks, I’ll watch what I want how I want whenever I damn well please, and this is how much I’m willing to pay, otherwise I’ll just steal it.” Apple gets it, but apparently the analysts don’t.

One thing that I have to disagree with, however, is the timely release of Time Capsule, which allows for wireless backup of your data. The device itself is not the problem…another fine product and a decent price, I’d say. But it’s a real slap in the face to people (a co-worker of mine, in particular) who spent a bag of cash setting up the a hard drive to their Airport, only to find that the ability to back up to a hard drive from the airport had been conveniently eliminated from Leopard after this was listed as a feature. Eliminated, supposedly, due to security bugs found in the software, but more likely due to the upcoming release of Time Capsule, which performs the exact same function but require the purchase of additional hardware. But, these people are probably among the few, so what can you do?

In conclusion…Apple fanboys are greedy idiots, Apple journalists are complete idiots, and Apple is getting the short end of the stick. People have come to expect too much, and when Apple delivers at a level of mere greatness they get slammed. I guess that’s what happens when your the king of the hill.

P.S…on a not really related but somewhat related note, check out Brian Regan (bottom-center) on Apple.com.

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